My first post….a bit about me!

Welcome to my first blog post, which I hope you find interesting….

I decided to start a blog, as I enjoy reading other people’s blogs about their adventures in the great outdoors, so I thought I’d have a go myself.

I am 27 years old and outdoors mad, and have been since I was a little lad, I enjoy walking fells and mountains, mountain biking, fishing…basically anything outdoors related. I have a very patient wife luckily!



I am currently nearing the end of walking the Wainwrights – with me having about thirty odd left to do, and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Some people just cannot see why you would walk up a hill to walk back down again, but this is far too simplistic a view to take.

So, what is it that makes me enjoy the outdoors so much?

Hmm…well it is probably the freedom, being exposed to the elements, whether it is the winter’s snow, wind and rain, or the summer’s heat. I even love the hard work of slogging up the hills themselves…but I am a gluten for punishment! It is the fact that your reward comes after this hard-work, in the view, well unless the mist is down, which is usually the case when I take my wife walking with me.

Anyway, from now on, I plan to do a blog post for each walk that I complete, whilst reminiscing about some of my previous adventures along the way, and any other topics of interest from the outdoors world along the way. These will hopefully make enjoyable reading for you, but any feedback would be welcomed as always.

Anyway, a bit more about the man who is waffling on….I also like taking photos when I am out and about on my walks, but would call myself a wishful photographer, I try hard but lack ability. It also helps to remind me of the many walks that I have completed over the years, which I can look back on fondly…for many different reasons, such as the time my wife fell in a bog high above Grasmere. Not funny at the time, but it has had great mileage over the years since.

So, how do I feel about the hill-bagging culture?

I can see both sides of the argument to be fair, I can understand why people ask why do you walk one hill and not another, and why would you walk to the top of a fell that you’re not enjoying walking? I choose to take the view that by walking hills all across an area, such as the Wainwrights in the Lake District, it allows me to explore new areas and enjoy different scenery that perhaps I wouldn’t have done. It gives me a reason to go to that hard to reach place that I may ignore if it wasn’t on the list. However, having said that there are hills that I have walked that I categorically would not want to walk again….so, I will let you draw the conclusions.

As well as walking 180-odd of the Wainwrights to date, I have also walked the Yorkshire 3 Peaks (9hrs34mins), the National 3 Peaks (in under 24 hours), the West Highland Way and various odd Munros and peaks in Snowdonia too.  I am looking forward to completing the Wainwrights, so that I can walk hills that I want to walk all over again, before I go on to start the Munros!

Who will I be talking about?

I rarely walk alone, and usually walk with my close friend, JP, who I work with, having both started as graduates on the same day. They only took on 2 grads that year, so we were stuck with each other and have been friends ever since! We started walking together soon after we met and have had many a fun walking days, weekends and weeks up in the Lakes. I got my little dog, Susie, a Patterdale Terrier in 2011, and she accompanies us on all of my walks, with the only problem being that you cannot tire her out…16miles across multiple hills and she is still bounding on long after we are flagging. My wife, Hannah, is a reluctant walker, but clearly loves me as she has done numerous walks with me over our 9 years together – even walking a few Wainwrights on our honeymoon! She’s a saint. More recently, I have done a couple of walks with my dad, who having lost my mum in the Summer to Breast Cancer, has enjoyed our walks together, with them being a welcome positive distraction for him and me alike. I find walking one of the few times in life that are not hectic, when things slow down and you can think and not be disturbed. Even when walking with someone, there are periods of time when there is no conversation, which is never awkward, more welcomed. So, these are some of the people that I will no doubt be talking about in my future posts.

JP and me….

JP and me

I am a Public Relations manager in my day job, which involves a lot of writing; however I am looking forward to writing about a hobby-topic rather than work-related topic. I have just completed my Masters in Strategic Communications, part-time over the last 3 years and so I am enjoying just having my free time back to do with as I choose!

So, this is a bit of an introduction to me, what I am about, and I do hope that you will follow and read my future blogs…

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Thanks and Speak soon


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