New Year…so what are my goals?


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So, I said goodbye to 2014 with mixed feelings really – I married my beautiful wife, completed my Master’s part-time over 3 years while working full-time, cycled my first 100 mile bike ride, but unfortunately all these highs were dampened when my mum, Fiona, 59, who I was so very close to passed away. I am therefore hoping that 2015 brings more of the positives for me.

I am now only just starting to take advantage of all the newly acquired free time that I have, which has began with me starting this blog & Twitter account (@outdoorsnick87) and want to finish off my last few (about 30) Wainwrights, which I hope to do early in the year. I then would like to write a book about my adventures of completing these, along with stories of the people that I have met on the way. This is something that I am currently researching.

I have enjoyed the mountains since I was a little lad and would consider myself experienced and confident in my abilities, however most of my walking to date has been in the snow-free months, but this has changed at the end of last year, with me venturing up into the snow on a few occasions…and I loved it. So much so, I have booked onto a Winter Skills Course in February, up in Glencoe, which I cannot wait for! This is for 6 days and should provide me with the skills that I will require to enjoy the mountains in winter and most of all stay safe! My good friend and walking buddy, JP, will be accompanying me on this new adventure, which I will no doubt be blogging about on here.

So, along with learning new skills for enjoying the mountains in winter, I hope to get out a lot more than I have been able to in the previous few years. Once I have completed the Wainwrights, I would like to move onto the Munros, which I have only done a few of to date. I am also looking forward to re-walking a number of the Lakeland fells that I have already walk, with the added flexibility of not being tied for time as much and working through a tick-sheet of Wainwrights. This was seen as a means to an end for me, but it has allowed me to explore the wonders of the Lake District, which hopefully the Munros will do the same for in Scotland.

I have already explored many parts of Scotland, but not to the extent that the Munros will allow me to, which I cannot wait for. All these adventures will no-doubt be completed with my trusty Patterdale Terrier, Susie (photo above), along with JP, and possibly my reluctant hill-walking wife…who does it because she loves me (luckily)! I am hoping that my blog and Twitter account will allow me to meet new people, be open to new opportunities and let me share all my adventures with anyone who is interested.

So, here’s hoping that 2015 will bring us all health, happiness, love….and plenty outdoor adventures!





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