A bit of father-son bonding up in the hills

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Date: Monday 23rd March

Wainwright count: 1

Wainwrights: High Pike

Who with: My dad, and the dogs (Susie and Sally)

With the aim of getting my old man back into fell walking again, we decided to do another walk together, but this time it was near the village of Mosedale, at Back O’Blencathra. We made our way through blue skies on the drive up from Skelwith Fold, before reaching Keswick where the heavens were falling with rain and low cloud. Typical, we thought!

The forecast was for the weather to clear and so, we parked up near the head of the Mosedale valley and the wind was blustery and the rain coming down sideways. We got our gear on and the dogs out and made our way up towards the old mine, next to Grainsgill Beck , which had a fascinating story alongside it, with it being the only tungsten mine outside of Cornwall. Google and check the facts of this!!! After a few minutes of reading this, and helping a lost fell runner,  who had come down into the wrong valley without a map, we preceded along the path which followed the beck.


The going was boggy, as with many of the areas in the Northern Fells, and this continued all the way up onto Great Lingy Fell, and thankfully before we reached the top the weather had cleared and the sun was out! The day had turned lovely, but was still cold as we climbed nearer the top, but the wind was still present and thankfully we could take a few minutes of shelter in the Great Lingy Hut. We noticed upon reaching the hut that there was a better path which went directly from the valley floor up to the hut, but this was not on the OS map….you live and learn!


The path which we took up which followed the beck was sodden and a real quagmire, as so often in this area, but had we known we could have avoided it completely. Anyway, we knew for the way down!


So, after a few minutes of respite, we made our way past the old sheep pens and towards the top of High Pike, where the views were hazy and the wind cold! Thankfully there was some shelter, in the form of a wind-break for us to admire the views for a few minutes, before retracing our steps towards Lingy Hut.


We were due to head over towards Knott too, but my dad’s knee was bothering him a bit, probably due to the boggy ascent, and his age, 62 (don’t tell him)! So, we decided to take the path down from next to Lingy Hut, which was a great path and a lot less boggy! We got the old man back down in one piece anyway, so although cut short, it was a nice few hours out together for some father-son bonding.

It leaves me an excuse to come back to do Knott and Great Calva on another day now, in my quest to complete the Wainwrights. Only 23 to go….


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