Mucky pups in the sun, over on the Western Fells


Blog post 19

Wainwright count:                 3

Wainwrights:                          Grike, Lank Rigg and Crag Fell

Who with:                               Susie, my Patterdale Terrier & Sally, my father’s Boarder Terrier

Date:                                       17th August 2015

So, the fourth day of our walks and today’s weather was the best yet! Fantastic day ahead of us it appeared and Ennerdale was the destination. Ennerdale is one of the quieter of the Lakeland valleys, possibly due to its less accessible locations, but a stunning valley none the less.


We parked at the car park at the Western end of the lake and from there walked past the farm, turning right, before taking a sharp left hand path, which climbed steeply up through the wooded area, before leading out onto the open fell side. From here, we followed the clear path, up to the stream before crossing the open fell side to the summit of Grike. The going was tough under foot, with the lack of path and steep slope combined, but the views from the top were definitely worth it. Scotland could be seen to the North, Buttermere fells to the East and towards Scafell Pike in the South.




From the top of Grike, we dropped down to the fence line where we made our way to the forest track, which we followed towards and past the West side of Crag Fell, before taking a right hand turn towards Lank Rigg, through the deforested area. Upon crossing this extremely boggy area, we went through the gate and up the open hill side, which was also extremely boggy! With two little terriers caked up to their ginnels in mud, it became apparent that post-walk baths were going to be required.



We followed the path parallel to the wall, until it took a sharp turn to the right heading further onto the open hill side. At this point, we took the right hand path towards Lank Rigg, via Whoap, where the path descended into a small valley, before climbing sharply to the summit of our second fell, Lank Rigg. The summit, which has a cairn on it, provides 360 degree views, which we spent a few minutes taking in (and an excuse to cool off)! After a bit of sustenance, we retraced our steps over Whoap and towards the boggy path by the wall, where we re-crossed the boggy deforested area with the dogs now looking like mud-sculptures of their respective breeds (but extremely happy about this).


We made it back up to the forest track, which we had turned off, before crossing directly opposite towards the summit of Crag Fell, which stands dominantly over Ennerdale. The short kilometre to the summit of this Wainwright was on a clear path and at the cairn there was a family enjoying a picnic today, with spectacular views to enjoy with their sausage rolls! I continued ahead over the summit before dropping back down to the path, which we had left to ascend Grike. We retraced our original steps into the woodland and back towards Ennerdale lake, where the dogs had a first bath before they entered my Land Rover. Once home they had a full decontamination shower, and came out smelling rosy again!

The car park that I had left with just three cars on was now full, and there were lots of people milling around, enjoying the short walks to the lake side (I know it is not officially a lake by the way, but it doesn’t sound right saying water!). Another great day in the Lakeland fells, and the weather was glorious to match! Happy Nick, and two tired dogs….perfect!

6 thoughts on “Mucky pups in the sun, over on the Western Fells

      1. Hmmm, never been that way before so was looking at doing a few around Loweswater, Ennerdale and possibly Whinlatter as well. Anything you would recommend or more not recommend?!! Lol. Just started reading your blog, how many of the Wainwrights do you have left? What’s the last one? And why (typical wainwrighters question)? Only done 46 myself!

      2. Loweswater and Buttermere have lovely walks, as are the ones in Whinlatter, but they are quite tough to be honest and pathless. The bigger ones are the easiest usually too! I only started the blog at Christmas time last year and so only some of my walks captured. Thanks for reading though and feedback good or bad is always welcome. I only have 4 left which will be done in one walk. Supposed to be tomorrow but I’m not sure it will be this weekend now looking at the weather! Feel free to get in touch with which walks you are planning. I’m always willing to help with info, if I can! Why? I just love being outdoors in the country and what better way to explore areas? Munros are next up…and more winter walking! 🙂 keep in touch, always happy to help!

      3. A bit of feedback, but its only personal. I’d make your photos on the blog a bit bigger, yes you can click on them, but they are good photos and should be shown a bit more. Your writing style is good though and easy to read. As for walks ironically I was looking at the Crag fell, Grike, Lank Rigg walk which is why I looked at your blog, but looking at starting from the Cold Fell Road instead. Also interested in a circular walk around whinlatter area (wainwrights obviously!!) but don’t know where to start from or a route?

      4. Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it. I looked at doing it from that side (if I’m thinking of the right Road), as you can use the forest track heading in, but heading back you drop into the little Valley where all the streams meet and so this can be very wet too, perhaps more so and for longer stretches. Whinlatter is tough for a circular in my opinion and better individually even though they can all be done In a day. Whinlatter itself is best tackled from inside the forest centre, and the other 2 nearby can be tackled from a car park a mile past the visitors centre. I haven’t got my map to hand but greystones (or whatever its called) is a tough slog and slow going! The other one in the middle is easy enough but I found it difficult to find the route to link back over to Whinlatter due to deforestation. Sorry I can’t be more specific without my maps to hand. If you have any more questions just ask. Nice walks on the whole and great to see Lakeland from every side. You feel that you know it intimately.

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