Another New Year, but what are my outdoor goals?

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Date: Saturday 2nd January 2016!


Well that was 2015…went a bit quickly for my liking, but for me it was a better year than 2014, which couldn’t have been much worse for me on a personal note losing my mum. Last year brought lots of positives which included moving house with my wife and dog, which was nice, although left me with less time than I would have liked doing the outdoor things that I so love. However, I still managed to undertake a fantastic Winter Mountaineering Skills Course in Glencoe, courtesy of Mountain Magic, which was fantastic. I also completed my first round of all 214 Wainwrights, which is something that was very enjoyable, whilst making a start walking a few Munros so a more positive year all-round.


There were some things that I didn’t manage to do as I had hoped this time last year, which was to walk the Lakeland 3000ers in 24 hours, a challenge that I will hopefully do this year. This was planned for about the time that we moved house, which as always, has led to a hundred new jobs that needed completing! I’d get far more walking done if real-life didn’t get in the way! I got back into my cycling in 2014, when I did some charity challenges, including a 100 mile ride with my sister in law, but this also suffered last year, and I got out of the routine of getting out on my bike. I also want to write a book, which I have started, but has also suffered from a lack of time. So these are three things that I will kick off my New Year’s ‘things to achieve in 2016’ list with.


I think it is really important to set yourself personal challenges in life, and it helps to try and make sure that you still do things you want to do, instead of real-life consuming all your time. It is difficult when you have a professional career, which can soon start eating into your personal time, and then all the endless jobs that need to be done, can leave you losing weeks and months if you let them. This is why I have found it helps to set mini goals and challenges for the year. It works for me anyway!


What else do I want to achieve in 2016?


As I have said above, my first three things are from last year’s list that I never achieved, so they can be rolled over to kick-start this year’s list.


  1. Lakeland 3000ers walking challenge (in under 24 hours)
  2. Mountain biking and road cycling again
  3. Progress my outdoors book writing and start writing magazine feature articles
  4. Munros – continue the start that I made last year in walking these beautiful hills, which gives me an excuse to explore all over Scotland, as I did with the Wainwrights in the Lake District.
  5. Do my Mountain Leader training and qualifications – this is something that I have wanted to do for a while now and hopefully 2016 will be the year!
  6. Continue winter walking – booked a week in Glencoe in February to do just this, with my mate, JP.
  7. Generally, allocate more time to doing the outdoor activities that I love, and have neglected in 2015.


2016 will hopefully be another positive year, which will see me achieve some more of my personal challenges. I will of course be keeping my blog and Twitter up to date with what I get up to.


What do you want to achieve this year? Get in touch and let me know via my blog, or Twitter! Whatever it is, I hope you have an excellent, healthy and happy year.


Take care and enjoy the outdoors in 2016!


2 thoughts on “Another New Year, but what are my outdoor goals?

  1. More wainwrights for me, I’m only at 59 so lots to do. Far eastern, Northern and western need some effort for sure. Two visits booked so hopefully pushing on towards 100!! Dartmoor is the main one for me. Living here means its easy to get to and I’m a fair distance into summiting all the tors. I aim to be out walking each week if I can. As you point out booking something is a good motivator to do something!

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