New Year: New Start

Firstly, Happy New Year!

It has been a while (understatement 1) since my last post, but it has been a busy time, following the birth of our beautiful son, George, which has significantly reduced the number of times I have managed to get into the fells/mountains (understatement 2), but I wouldn’t change it for the world!

It is very different though, and there is no such thing as lightweight outdoors with a baby in tow, but now George is nearing his first birthday, he is getting a little bit more robust, so hopefully 2018 will allow us to get outdoors a bit more. To be fair, we have done a lot of walking, but not many summits! The mountain bike has been getting a bit more use, in the absence of getting up in the fells, as it only takes 2-3 hours as opposed to a full day. Time is very much a limiting factor, and will continue to be for a number of years I suspect…

My blog has been a casualty of a busy time, which we are still adjusting to, and a significant change to priorities, although this is something that I am keen to change in 2018, and something that I enjoy. I haven’t got any New Year’s Resolutions, but if I had, it would probably be to try to get on the tops a bit more (with George on my back obviously)!

Looking ahead to 2018, I have a few things lined up, with a couple of nights winter camping in the Lakes in early January, followed most notably by a week in Aviemore later in the month, so hopefully this bodes well for the rest of the year (if my good lady lets me!).

I could also do with getting walking more to help shift the additional weight I have gathered over the festive period from over-indulging in beer, whiskey and mince pies!

Hopefully, this is the first of a number of blog posts in 2018, which you will hopefully find interesting, so…

All the best for 2018, and I hope you have many enjoyable days in the mountains!


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